5 Weirdest Marketing Tips For Your Website

In this day and age, it’s important to be ahead of the game by promoting your site in the most efficient and effective way possible. Apart from the general marketing knowledge, one should possess when showing the world why your site is the absolute best it’s important to take a couple of different approaches when marketing, others that no one else will dare to do.

1. Weekly Hashtags:

You can put a hashtag on anything nowadays, and I guarantee it will start trending for a period. Even if it’s for a minute, your site will have gained recognition from a simple hashtag and gained an instant flow of more viewers. If it’s a little too tricky to come up with a clever one you can always use the ones that are already invented and that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.
All of the #throwbackthursdays or #womenwednesdays should be displayed all over your site whether it be promoting a new product or getting consumers excited to see what sort of hashtag posting your website will be featuring this week.

2. Keep Up With Competitors:

Always keep a tab on your competitors to make sure you know what they’re doing at all times. It’s hard not to compare and get discouraged, but you have to be competitive to be the best site out there, and it’s all a strategic game. Make it a point to bounce ideas off of theirs to ensure that you’re doing the same, if not better when it comes to innovative marketing ideas.

3. Unusual Sponsorships:

This one requires a lot of creativity and reaching out but don’t be discouraged because a lot of businesses will be more willing to help than you think. Whether it’s a high-end coffee place or partnering with popular stores for shared profits, it’s important to get your website out there. There are so many oddly successful marketing ideas that can be created or redone to fit your goal of the message you’re trying to give.

Take a look at your surroundings and figure out a place or things you look at more often than not that could be a perfect placement for promoting your site.

4. Create Contests:

There’s nothing like a good game to get people interested and excited to go to your website for some free prizes and recognition. If you really want to get people involved make sure you’re choosing prizes that people would actually want or need in their life and spread the word to their friends and family for a chance to win too. Word of mouth has such a strong impact on the social media world, so you want to make sure your contest is being raved about in every state.

5. Keep It Visual:

This generation primarily relies on a lot of visuals so as significant as the content may be you need to make sure you have some kick ass visuals to go along with it. Whether it be to add humor to tedious information or throwing in a meme that everyone seems to be obsessing more, make sure you’re relating to your audience, so they will want to visit your site again.

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