The Best Translation Services for Your Apps

Building a great mobile app has its difficulties, but translating it shouldn’t be one of them. With modern technology we now possess in the year 2019, we should be able to translate anything, anywhere, anytime.  

Let me show you some of the cleanest and most reliable sources for all of your translating needs. Come on!


Here we have an app called “iTranslate,” and it’s easily one of the best translation services on the AppStore. Because the app has the Dictionary App installed, you’ll never make a grammatical error again. With an entire dictionary at your disposal, translating your app should be as simple as downloading the app, installing the dictionary app, and putting up your camera to said language.  

When you’re using iTranslate on your smartphone, it’s like you’re looking at the world through a completely different pair of eyes. It’s really incredible. 

When all you have to do is hold your camera up to your finished product to view it’s a direct translation, translating your entire interface is as easy as 1-2-3. If you don’t believe me, you can click on that download link above to get the full scoop. 

Google Translate

As bad as it sounds, you need to know that Google Translate is more useful than almost any other translation app, partially because of it’s a never-ending connection with the world wide web, but also because Google just always seems to know exactly what they’re doing.  

When you’re translating an app for a foreign market, it’s important to double check all of your phrases before you send off the final product. You never know – you could have meant to say something like “Delete All,” but you end up with something more along the lines of “All Deleted” instead. 

Nothing is worse than getting lost in translation, and that’s especially true for app development. Nobody wants to take their pride and joy and ruin it with some sloppy translations. It’s just a disappointment. Protecting yourself from errors with Google Translate is easy, and best of all, FREE. You’ll never spend a cent when you’re using it, and the download is free!


TripLingo might seem like a regular old translation app upon first glance, but after you realize how complete it’s inner workings are, you start to understand how many layers there are to language. 

If you want to include some slang words, which isn’t too heavily recommended, I’d suggest using TripLingo. It was originally designed for people out on the streets of Europe who didn’t know what the hell was going on, so it has four levels of slang incorporated into its vocabulary. 

That means any sort of slang term, from the most basic, to the most complex, will instantly get picked up by this app. It’s almost like your own personal Urban Dictionary. Not bad, huh? Well, it’s also incredibly useful for app development since you can actively avoid using words with more than two meanings – if you catch my drift. 

The only thing more embarrassing than making a grammatical or spelling error in your finished product is not installing this app immediately. It’s also a nice touch when you download a foreign app that speaks your langue well, so remember that the next time you’re using a pocket dictionary to translate your app’s inner workings. It matters more than you think.