Top Languages You Should Translate Your App For

Whether you’re traveling to areas where you lack the knowledge of their home language or simply trying to have a conversation with someone from a different country, installing translator apps will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

The top five languages that are translating apps are most used for are seen below as they are the easiest languages to translate as close to the original meaning.

1. English:

Although English is understood to be a “universal” language throughout the world, there are many people that have a hard time with the correct wording and wide array of vocabulary that we use. The majority of the words can be considered slang or personal dialect, but the majority of the English language can be found on the various translating apps available.

2. Chinese:

Whether it is taking a picture of Chinese writing or recording a voiceover that is needed for translation, this is another popular language that is seen throughout the app translation world.

Many people are starting to learn this distinct, beautiful language as well as interact with Chinese speaking individuals in regards to networking and business meetings to where an accurate translation should be used, as well as expanding their Chinese vocabulary.

3. Spanish:

One of the most popular languages in the world, Spanish has been upcoming and thriving as many people are bilingual starting very young, with this language. At times this language can intertwine with the Italian language, so it’s important to reference back to the translator when comparing languages.

Many people use this throughout their Spanish studying and learning careers to make sure that they correctly understand the vocabulary and accents on particular words and phrases.

There is a wide array of Spanish-speaking in America, especially California, where understanding and speaking the language can be crucial when interacting with Spanish-speaking people.

4. Korean:

This language is challenging, as the difficulty of grasping Chinese, that many people turn to a translating app for assistance. As many Korean students and individuals relocate to English-speaking areas, the increase in this language translation is in demand when compared to differing languages.

5. Italian:

Considered the most beautiful language in the world due to the precise and defined words that make it up. This has been one of the highest translating languages recently due to the constant traveling and learning throughout teens and young adult’s lives.

Similar to Spanish and French, this language differs throughout the country due to specific dialects and accents are seen throughout the northern and southern parts of this country.

There are many beautiful and different languages out there that are being translated every day that doesn’t just include those that were discussed above.

If you’re trying to learn a language, I highly recommend installing multiple translating apps to see which one works the best for you and translates to the best of its capabilities.

Learning and understanding a different language than your native tongue is much easier with a translator at the touch of your fingertips!

Check out the video below to learn more about translating languages!