Translation Libraries for React Web Apps

Translating web and mobile apps to different languages are easily the worst part about making it. You inevitably have to find a translation library if you want to do this in any correct way at all, and that’s where the internet comes in.  

So, let’s take a look at the best translation libraries out there and see which ones deserve a download from you today! 


Mitzuli is a translation app available of any AppStore, either Andriod or Apple. It gives you access to dozens of languages, both spoken, and code alike. With Mitzuli you’ll be able to read a street sign at the drop of a hat, and transfer some of your javascript into a working HTML file in no time! 

No more frustrating evenings on the internet trying to figure out which code means what or how some essential parts of your app pair up in a different programming language. From now on it’ll all be smooth sailing. Of course though, there is a slight downside. 

Unfortunately, this beautifully designed app isn’t available for free. You’ll have to cough up about 5 dollars if you want access to one of the most advanced translation programs in the world. Well, obviously the CIA has something better, but you know what I mean!


Globalize is the real deal. It’s a multilayered translation site for your web apps, mobile apps, and even web-browser apps. It really has everything you’d need to take the next step of marketing yourself, and your product, on a “global” scale! 

It’s basically a program that you run yourself through your app to translate everything in just a few short button sequences. And although it only takes a few moments to run, this baby can handle a program the size of Microsoft word if it needed to. There’s also a large collection of .js script on just about every page so that you can kind of make sure it’s working. 

Which leads me to the only problem with this free site – the library itself. See, most translation libraries are full of efficient software that’s fool-proof on every level. Well, on Globalize it’s kind of a gamble. You could have it work perfectly and walk away unscathed, or you could end up with a completely ruined app. It’s up in the air. 


With react-translate on your side, you’ll be able to decode anything from a fully functional calculator, to a translation app itself! 

This site gives you just about everything you’ll be needing to get started on the translation of your app. It might take a while considering you have to program the thing yourself, but if you’ve got what it takes to make a web app all by yourself, then you won’t have any problems with this incredible tool. 

When you first log into the site, it’s obvious that this is not a place for amateurs. One misstep and you’re entire app has to be debugged for the millionth time. And nobody wants that, do they? Now, go out there and start using all of your resources to create the best app you possibly can. Oh, and don’t forget to have someone look at it!