Month: October 2006

Choose your Windows UI language

October 15, 2006 By lavieroboies

Ever wanted to know how Windows look like in German, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Greek,… ?

Did you know that you can install the Windows GUI in all these languages (and more) in addition to your default language ?
It’s called MUI (for Multi-Language User Interface). You simply run the MUI setup on your existing Windows 2000 or Windows XP box and choose which language(s) you want to add.

When the installation is completed, your Regional and Languages Options control panel applet has a new combobox where you can choose your Windows UI language (Logoff required to take change into effect).

The nice thing is that it’s a user setting. Just create a few users and assign each one a different language. You can now toggle between different UI languages using FUS (Fast User Switching) !

The MUI CDs are available to MSDN subscribers (Operating Systems+ subscriptions). And of course, they are available as downloads from the MSDN subscribers download area.…