Painless Localization of Your Visual C++ Applications

October 1, 2001 By lavieroboies

appTranslator is a powerful yet easy-to-use localization solution for your Visual C++ and MFC applications.

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

Get started in minutes thanks to appTranslator wizards and user-friendly localization-oriented resource editors that guide you through the translation process. (Screenshots)

Immediate Tracking of Untranslated Items

Do never again wonder which items are not translated yet. Thanks to the Items to be Translated view mode, you can concentrate on the remaining work items.

Immediate Tracking of New and Modified Items

Did you make changes to your app ? Did you add a resource, modify a bunch of dialogs or menu items ? No problem ! appTranslator takes your changes into account whenever you build the translated files. And thanks to the ‘Update Source’ function, appTranslator detects and incorporates all additions and modifications of your resources (including in the layout of dialogs). Better yet, appTranslator immediately shows you which items were added or modified.

Help Developers and Translators Collaboration

appTranslator lets you easily deploy copies of the project to the different translators and merge translations back into the main project. Developers need not freeze their app’s resources while translators are busy. appTranslator lets team members concentrate on their own work, freeing them from tedious housekeeping tasks.